Super Glossy Top

Gel Polish Top | Formula CMT-D42


This our most shiny top coat with an almost wet look. It has a medium viscosity and is easy to work with. It would go well with most of the formulas on the market.


Superior Gloss
A very high shine returns crisp color without changing its shade.

Medium Consistency
Easy to control and apply; does not drip or run into cuticles.

Lasting Shine
The shine will last throughout the entire wear time.

Proven to be non-yellowing during the entire wear time.

UV & LED  |  Works with both UV and LED lights. Cure time approximately 30 sec. for LED.


This formula is fully compliant to EU, US and JP regulations.

Product information file (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) according to the EC Regulation 1223/2009 is available upon request.