Quick Removal base

Gel Polish Base | Formula CMB-C27


This is a very thin base coat, and its consistency is like a nail polish. Application is very easy and quick; it builds no thickness to the natural nail and removes in just 5 minutes.


5-min. Removal
Removes lightning fast, without damage to the natural nail.

Zero Shrinkage
Does not shrink back from the free edge of the nail; can do 5 nails at a time.

Natural Thin Look
Applies like a nail polish in a very thin layer, adding no thickness to the natural nail.

Perfect for Pedicures
Great choice for pedicures.

Easy Application
Applies with no effort, in a few simple brush strokes. Very similar to a nail polish.

Works with both UV and LED lights.
Cure time approximately 30 sec. for LED.


This formula is fully compliant to EU, US and JP regulations.

Product information file (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) according to the EC Regulation 1223/2009 is available upon request.