One Step

Gel Polish | Formula KYC-A42


This is a one-step formula which requires no base or top coat.
Removal time is just 5 minutes, and it leaves no stains or damage on natural nails.


This formula is a good choice for retail; it contains no HQ/MEHQ.

10+ Day Wear
Wear time is between 10 and 18 days, depending on nail condition.

No Stains
Leaves no stains or discoloration on the natural nail.

Quick Removal
Quick and easy removal without damage to the natural nails.

Works with both UV and LED lights.
Cure time approximately 30 sec. for LED.


This formula is fully compliant to EU, US and JP regulations.

Product information file (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) according to the EC Regulation 1223/2009 is available upon request.