Nude Base 2 In 1

Gel Polish Base | Formula CMB-D01


This is a 2-in-1 color and base coat for quick French manicures or natural-looking nails. It works as a ridge filler,a builder layer, and a concealer.


French 2 in 1
Create French manicures andsave up to 20 minutes on each application.

Use as a concealer to hide nail discoloration and create perfect, natural-looking nails.

Match Skin Tone
Various colors available to match skin tones from light to dark.

Use for Light Colors
Use as a base coat for light and complicated colors to improve coverage and eliminate stripes.

UV & LED | Works with both UV and LED lights. Cure time approximately 30 sec. for LED.


This formula is fully compliant to EU, US and JP regulations.

Product information file (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) according tothe EC Regulation 1223/2009 is available upon request.