Long lasting base

Gel Polish Base | Formula CMB-B27


This is our highest adhesion base coat. Due to its medium consistency, it can also be used for filling ridges and building a smooth apex on uneven nails.


Long Wear Time
Due to strong adhesion, increases wear time, even on oily or damaged nails.

Zero Shrinkage
Does not shrink back from the free edge of the nail; can do 5 nails at a time.

Builds Nail Structure
Can use as a builder layer to create a smooth nail apex and fix problem nails.

Due to strong adhesion, no need to use primer.

Thick Consistency
Can fix nail imperfections and be used as a ridge filler to create a perfectly smooth surface.

Works with both UV and LED lights.
Cure time approximately 30 sec. for LED.


This formula is fully compliant to EU, US and JP regulations.

Product information file (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) according to the EC Regulation 1223/2009 is available upon request.